Open positions-Laurel Gaming

1. Senior Frontend Developer

About us

Laurel Gaming is fun, competition and community experiences in one app. We integrate casual games where users can play and get real rewards. ALL IN ONE SINGLE APP.

Our motto says it all: What do you bet we will achieve it?


In January 2024 we will launch our 2.0 version of Laurel Gaming, after we launched our first MVP in 2023 with over 20k downloads with only a single quiz game.
Now it's time to take it to the next level. We are a team of 2 founders, a CTO and a graphic designer.

-The candidate will be in charge of producing the different games and features, therefore, being in charge of all the responsibilities of the frontend part of the mobile app.

-The main challenge is to constantly develop and launch new games and features so that users can play online or play games with their friends. The main challenge is to be flexible and fast in the introduction of new games and new features such as tournaments.


-Extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS.
(+3) years of experience with ReactJS, applying SOLID patterns and good development practices.
(+3) years of experience with React Native, applying SOLID patterns and good development practices.
-Experience implementing animations in React Native using libraries such as react-native-reanimated, moti.js or similar.  
-Experience using Firebase for web and mobile application development.
-Experience using NextJS.
-Experience with Expo for mobile application development.
-Communication skills in English, mainly for reading and understanding technical documentation.


-Knowledge and experience in video game development, ideally in react-native multiplayer.
-Knowledge in Unity for game development.

What do we offer?

-Hybrid or remote work (located in Barcelona).
-Indefinite contract with short trial period. Full-time
(we are open to accept freelancers as well).
-Stock options: Phantom Shares.
-Work hand in hand with CTO and take on responsibilities and learning from day 1.

Very important to be proactive, flexible, versatile and ready for whatever may come to make Laurel Gaming grow into the best social gaming app in the world.
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2. Community Manager

About us

Hi! If you are reading this and you are a Community Manager you are interested. We are Laurel Gaming, a startup where we have created a gaming app where you can challenge your friends or play online with anyone to casual games and win rewards. Besides, we have tournaments with prizes.  For now, we are just starting and we need a community manager to join our team.
Are you up for it?

What are we looking for?

-A digital native, you move through social networks like Nemo in water.
-You must be a creative and decisive person, above all, you must understand the world of Instagram and Tik Tok perfectly.
-You must be creative and not afraid to expose your ideas, we are a very friendly team and we want a proactive person who always shares any idea he/she has.
-Master design and video editing programs such as Canva, FIGMA, Cup&Cut or similar.
-Interact with our online community and respond to their questions and feedback.
-Ability to create content, a good mobile phone is enough, if you have a camera more than welcome.
-Planning the social media strategy
‍-Living in Barcelona or the surrounding area.


We don't care about your background education, as long as you are the Leo Messi of the social networks.
Don't worry, we won't ask you the moon either, but we do ask that you are willing to work and give the best of yourself.

-Knowledge of social media management: dynamisation of the social community, segmentation,management of comments and communication, marketing campaigns (Instagram, Tik Tok ,LinkedIn and Discord for our gamer community).  
-High level in content writing, expression and spelling.
- Perfect spoken and written Catalan and Spanish.

What do we offer?

-Incorporation in a maximum period of two months.
-Partial or internship contract.
-Your work will have impact since day 1 ( tiktoks, instagram content etc). Our team is yet little.
-Good training as you will be able to see how a startup works and be part of a great project.
-Possibility of 2 days per week of remote work.
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