Stop betting beers that nobody pays

Challenge and play your favourite games with your friends.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you have a good laugh.

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invite your friends
Invite your friends
Finally, get your friend to invite you to that dinner by beating it on lifelong games.
Don’t forget to request it! Now in only one click!
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Challenge & play
What do you play?
Select the type of challenge you prefer to play with your friend.
A meal, a beer, a double or nothing, a ticket for the cinema, who throws the garbage etc.
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claim what is yours!
claim what is yours!
Mantain the order and check the statistics of all your games and bets. Don't let any payment slip away.
Request/pay with plenty of options.
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Play Chess
Prove that having seen The Queen's gambit has improved your A game.
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¿cuál es tu juego favorito?
Ayúdanos a seleccionar bien los juegos. ¿Con cuál te gustaría que lancesemos nuestra aplicación Laurel?
Valoraremos tu juego al ver la lista completa.
Oops! Compruebe que todos los campos sean correctos.
Play Trivial
Show who is the smartest among the bros
Show who is the smartest among the bros
Now you can benefit from all the "useless" knowledge you have learnt in school.
Knowing the countries' capitals or the different parts from the eukaryotic cell with Laurel Gaming makes sense.
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Play Parcheesi
Count from 20, to 20 the spaces and the cash
Count from 20 to 20 the spaces and the cash
Everybody knows that millonaries play parcheesi on their private jets. Why don't you?
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Juega al Parchís
cuenta de 20 en 20, las casillas y los billetes
Cuenta de 20 en 20, las casillas y los billetes
Se comenta que los jugadores del Barça se lo pasan mejor jugando al parchís que en el campo.
¡Quiero jugar!Ludo match example in Laurel Gaming App
the games have
You can now challenge and play with your friends in Laurel!
Download the app at the following links:
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Find players to play with, find out about our weekly challenges on tiktok and participate in our tournaments with rewards.
Together we build Laurel Gaming.
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